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The Friends of ULU Gamesoc community

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This is a community for members and friends of The University of London Union GameSoc (ULU GameSoc)

ULU GameSoc is a society for role-players, war-gamers and other gamers in general (CCGs, boardgames, etc.) in the University of London.

* Keep conversation civil. Argument is fine, personal insults aren't.
* If posting pictures, do it behind an lj-cut and mark it as such.
* If something (words, pictures, whatever) may not be considered "Work Safe" but it behind an lj-cut and mark it as such
* No Porn
* No Copyright Infringement
* No Spam
* Have Fun! ^_^

When joining the community feel free to post an introduction telling everyone who you are. Freeform or use the template below:

Place of Study:
Year of Graduation:
Gaming Preferences:
Thoughts on D20

If you don't want to post an introduction then don't, it's perfectly optional.

Due to the complex and byzantine nature of ULU buraucracy this is most definately not an "Official" source of information or communication, rather it is a forum for like-minded people who are brought together by ULU GameSoc to discuss stuff.

This community does not reflect the views or policy of The University of London Union and nothing posted here should be considered an official statement, invoice, order or other form of communication on the part of The University of London, The University of London Union, or ULU GameSoc.

Official enquirys, promotions or otherwise should be directed to ulugamesoc@gmail.com